SuperIoT AI DIH has 300 ICT member companies and close operation with other Digital Innovation Hubs around Europe. Through the Allied ICT Finland network, it has additional access to the research and development pool of 20 technical research organisations and universities in Finland. With these world class resources and vast competences, SuperIoT AI DIH can serve both SMEs and large global companies in developing digital products and services, digital transformation and scaling up the business. We are specialized in IoT and AI, including cloud-based services, Edge computing and 6G mobile communications.


We focus on generating international business tailored for each customer’s needs. The key services are:


Digital Maturity Assessment

Innovation support

Partnering and matchmaking to find potential research and ICT companies

Sparring of the business plan

Planning of digitalization projects

Funding acquisition & project management services

Demonstration & piloting activities prior to investment

Training and education services

Support for international business scaling